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Transform your EVA case customization into a dynamic and vibrant experience with our simple and efficient process, empowering your brand to stand out.

Discover EVA Case Solutions for Your Specific Market

Customize EVA cases that are designed to provide superior protection for your items while enhancing your unique brand image.


Delicate medical devices need the utmost care. Our custom EVA cases are built for applications such as respiratory masks, glucose meters, and more.

Sports & Outdoors

Choose our sturdy cases, tailored to fit your equipment, and experience reliable protection for your gear. Customize cases for helmets, ski goggles, EDC tools, fishing gear, or any other equipment you need.

Pro Audio

Born to fit premium audio equipment. Our cases include blue tooth speaker cases, headphone cases, or other pro audio storage cases.

eva case for small tools

Tools & Gadgets

Precision-made storage cases for all kinds of items such as personal grooming tools, tattoo tools, auto repair tools etc.


Protect your electronics while enhancing your brand image. Explore our custom camera cases, electronic cigarettes cases, and more.

Sales & Demo

Maximize brand image & impress your customers with a professional and premium sales & demo case.

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    What Makes Us Different from Other Manufacturers?

    Mature Control of Craftsmanship Details

    We place great emphasis on every step of the process, such as sewing, manual assembly, special zipper techniques, molding, and more. With customized EVA case samples, you can experience our craftsmanship more vividly.

    eva sheet material

    Strict Material Quality Inspection

    We use high-quality high-density 75-degree 6mm EVA as the core raw material, enabling the design of more durable hard shell EVA cases.

    Professional Design Assistance

    We offer professional capabilities in crafting branded EVA cases. Feel free to share your design ideas with us, and together, we can create a high-end EVA case that showcases your brand.

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    A Variety of Foam Insert Selections

    We offer a wide range of foam material options, including custom EVA foam, sponge foam, EPE foam, and more. Consult us for the best foam choice.

    Foam InsertCompositionDensityPropertiesCommon Uses
    EVA FoamEVA foam is a closed-cell foam made from ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymer.It comes in various densities, offering flexibility in choosing the right one for different applications.EVA foam is known for its excellent shock absorption, cushioning, and thermal insulation properties.Popularly used in sports equipment, shoe insoles, children's play mats, and as padding in various products.
    EPE FoamEPE foam is a type of expanded foam made from polyethylene resin.It is lightweight and is available in low to medium densities.EPE foam is characterized by its flexibility, water resistance, and good thermal insulation properties.Widely used for packaging materials, insulation in construction, and as a protective layer in products like electronics and fragile items.
    Eva Sponge FoamSponge foam refers to a variety of soft and porous materials, often made from polyurethane or other flexible polymers.Sponge foams can vary in density, with some being quite soft and others more firm.Sponge foams are known for their softness, flexibility, and compressibility, making them suitable for applications where conformability is essential.Used in upholstery, bedding, cushioning, and as padding in various products.

    Advanced Foam Cutting Methods

    Precisely Build Whatever Shape You Need

    Exterior & Interior Design

    Showcase your unique brand image and provide practical interior design to enhance cushioning for your products.

    600D polyester

    1680D nylon



    Polar fleece


    Textured PU

    Two-tone polyester


    Fabric Selections

    A good apperance speaks volumes about a brand’s personality, and that’s why choosing the unique exterior materials to build your case is crucial.

    Interior Pocket Designs

    Commonly seen pocket designs are showcased here. We specialize in creating unique and practical EVA cases tailored to your specific product type and functional requirements.

    Folded Pocket

    Folded Pocket

    Flap Pocket with Velcro Strap

    Flap Pocket with Velcro Strap

    Mesh Pocket

    Mesh Pocket with Zipper

    Logo Styles

    How would like to present your logo on your custom EVA cases? A variety of techniques & materials are available to satisfy your needs, such as embossing, debossing, silk screen printing, and more.

    Limitless Accessory Options

    A portfolio of accessories for your selections. Every detail can be customized to visualize and improve your brand recognition.

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    What is Our Collaboration Process?

    The process of customizing an EVA case is an enjoyable one; we are confident in efficiently grasping your brand requirements and collaboratively crafting the most brand-oriented EVA case with you.


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