Medical EVA Carrying Case

Premium Quality Protector & Organizer Built for Healthcare Devices

EVA First Aid Kit Medical Carrying Case

EVA Case for Medical Device Overview

Looking for a reliable and customizable carrying case for your medical devices? Look no further than KinFish Case EVA medical carrying cases.

Applications are various:

  • stethscope case
  • first aid kit case
  • ear thermometer case
  • respiratory masks
  • glucose meters


Customize molded cases to make sure your branding and design needs are met. Drop us a line to learn more options and elevate your medical device storage and transport.

First Aid Kit EVA Case Box

First aid kit EVA case is lightweight, shockproof and not easily deformed. The nylon surface is waterproof and easy to clean.

EVA Protective Storage

Custom EVA ear thermometer case is well designed for Braun Thermoscan 7 IRT6520 ear thermometer.

EVA Stethoscope Case

EVA Hard Stethoscope Case

EVA stethoscope case has been designed to offer the maximum protection for your stethoscope whilst remaining lightweight and stylish.

Explore Our Premium Custom EVA Cases for Medical Use

Guaranteed Safety:
REACH and RoHS Certifications

Compliance with REACH ensures that your cases are safe for users and the environment, while RoHS certification guarantees the safety of electronic components. You can rest assured that your medical devices are protected from contamination.

REACH and RoHS Certifications

600D polyester

1680D nylon



Polar fleece


Textured PU

Two-tone polyester


Clean & Sturdy Case, Caring Hearts

Our EVA cases offer perfect solutions for medical professionals looking for a reliable and long-lasting storage option. Every medical device varies, and comparing and choosing the material that is built for your devices can be time-consuming. A rich portfolio of its pros & cons can be a headache.

Let’s start with the widely-used ones:

  • 1680D Nylon:

    Durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, it ensures your case is long-lasting and can withstand frequent use.

  • PU leather:

    Soft and easy to clean, it’s an affordable option that’s often used for the surface or bottom of the EVA case shell.

Well! Not if you choose KinFish Case. You take charge of the concepts. We take care of the details.

One Case Cushions All Sophisticated Devices

The interior designs of our EVA cases are tailored to your exact specifications, guaranteeing that your medical devices stay organized and protected while you’re on the go.

Whether it’s a thermoformed EVA tray or a die-cut foam insert, both options provide a custom-fit and comfortable slot that precisely matches your equipment, providing exceptional safeguarding.

eva medical case
Enabling Medical Professionals Quickly On-the-go

During an emergency, every second counts.

Enabling Medical Professionals Quickly On-the-go

As a trusted custom EVA case manufacturer, KinFish Case understands the importance of having a reliable solution for medical professionals on-the-go. Our medical carrying cases are thoughtfully designed in line with ergonomic comfort, which also ensures a secure grip and ease of transport.

Strong and Durable

To ensure a secure grip on the EVA carrying case, various materials such as leather, TPU, nylon, and more can be used for the handles and straps.

Easy to Pick up, Comfortable to Carry

Combining different types of materials to design handles and straps of optimal comfort and portability.

Innovative Opening, Easy Accessible Storage

Do you think that only hard cases are adjustable or fixed at certain angles? Well, think again! KinFish Case EVA carrying cases can be customized for a fixed angle, without any screws or bolts. For example, all you need is just a gusset.

Stay Open, Stay Shut

Innovative zipperless designs and unique stitching techniques provide superior durability and protection for your medical equipment. Our “stay open, stay shut” design makes it a gusset to keep your equipment within reach at all times.

No Compromise On Your Unique Brand Image

No Compromise On Your Unique Brand Image

Medical professionals require specialized equipment and supplies that are essential for providing quality care to their patients.

EVA carrying cases can be customized to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers by incorporating specialized compartments, trays, and pockets that provide secure storage and easy access to essential medical equipment and supplies.

We offer a variety of logo styles, including embossing, debossing, and more, to create a professional and consistent image for your medical practice.

Case Study

Medical Devices Organizer with Fixed Angel


  • The tablet has to be placed in the top shell, and this allows instant use without removing it from the shell. Besides, the top shell has to stay at a 135-degree angle during use.
  • Other devices and accessories should be well-organized and stored in the bottom shell.
  • The bottom shell in depth is more than 10cm, that would cause wrinkles and cracks on the surface easily.
  • The box should look premium.


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