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EVA Case for Sales & Demo Overview

For sales and demo professionals, presenting products in the best possible way is key to making a lasting impression on potential customers. And that’s why EVA carrying cases have become the go-to choice for transporting valuable items to events and presentations.

No matter what business you’re involved in, our demo case or sales case can be customized from the inside to the outside to maximize your marketing needs.

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Maximize Brand Impact

The ability to customize EVA carrying cases to match specific brand needs is a critical consideration for clients in the sales & demo industry. This allows them to create a consistent brand image and make a strong first impression on potential customers.

Maximize Brand Impact
Protect and Showcase Products in Style

Protect and Showcase Products in Style

When it comes to sales and demo professionals who transport expensive products to events and presentations, durability and protection are key priorities.

One way is to use EVA carrying cases with customized foam inserts. These inserts provide a secure fit for each product, protecting them from damage during transportation and ensuring that they are presented in the best possible light during sales pitches and demos.

Lighten Your Load with EVA Carrying Cases

Compared to traditional wood or metal cases, EVA carrying cases are llighter in weight, making them easier to carry around, and offering ample storage space. The compartments are custom-designed to fit every unique item.

Lighten Your Load with EVA Carrying Cases

Case Study

EVA Foam Insert for Demonstration Case


  • Replacable photoprint inside cover lid.
  • A slightly rigid insert is required to hold flat cardboard with ringbinder and wooden blind samples.
  • The case should close using magnetic fasteners.
  • The depth of the insert slots varies.


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