EVA Cases for Consumer Electronics

As Playful & Vibrant As Electronics

EVA Case for Electronics Overview

EVA Case for Electronics Overview

Looking for a durable and reliable solution to protect your electronic devices and equipment? Consider a custom EVA case!

Our cases include:

  • vr headset case
  • custom laptop case
  • camera case
  • gaming mouse case
  • GoPro case
  • electronic cigarettes

Customize from interior design, including foam, mesh pockets, and more, to the exterior design with versatile fabric. EVA cases provide strong protection against impact, moisture, and other hazards.

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Elevate Protection of EVA Carrying Cases

When it comes to electronic equipment, a high-quality EVA carrying case should never compromise on its inner design.

At KinFish Case, we understand the importance of protecting your clients’ valuable equipment. That’s why our carrying cases are designed with multiple thick and soft layers to ensure maximum safety.

In addition, our versatile foam styles can be tailored to fit each unique piece of audio equipment.

User-Centered Design

Each EVA cases finally come down to your end users. KinFish Case works to enhance user experience, which also improves your customers’ loyalty in the long run.

Each detail will be perfected, such as easy-open zippers, padded interiors, and multiple compartments for easy organization.

Limitless Branding Opportunities

Carrying cases that align with your electronics brands and styles is one of the priorities for electronics brands.

EVA carrying cases can be designed with custom shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as branding elements such as logos and messaging.

This allows your brands to stand out in a crowded market and create a cohesive brand image across your equipment and carrying cases.

Limitless Branding Opportunities
eva case for drone

Cost-Effective Value for Protection

Our EVA cases provide cost-effective solutions compared to other protective options. They are built to last, reducing the need for repairs or replacements, and saving clients money in the long run.

Case Study

Custom Case for Electronic Air Purifiers


The material for the exterior should be PU, with a metal tooth zipper. The challenge is to have a large pouch inside the bottom cover to hold the purifying device, as well as four elastic bands to hold the purifying liquid bottles.


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